Ray with his son, Zachary Isaac

Ray with his son, Zachary Isaac

Dads 4 Special Kids was created in April of 2001 after a long personal journey I experienced of feeling “lost” as a father of a son that was born with a rare brain disorder which has caused severe seizures and mental retardation. He was also diagnosed with autism later on.

During the first eight years of my son’s life, I focused on taking care of the things my son and family needed to survive, but I felt lost and empty inside. I had no place to go to find comfort.

Over the years I’ve experienced a lot of deep searching to try and find answers to my questions:

Why did God give me a child like this?

Why does this situation hurt so much?

Has my son’s condition changed the plans I had for my life?

The hardest question to answer: Am I the right father for this child?

I continued searching for answers and peace but found there weren’t any support groups for Dads and certainly none for dads with special kids. So, in 2001 we held the first meeting of the Dads Network. Since then more than one hundred men that have a child with special needs in their lives have come to the group. The most common comments I’ve heard from men have been, “I’m not sure of what to do!” and “I want to be the dad my child and family need, but I’m struggling on how to do it.”

By sharing with these men I’ve been able to resolve a lot of my inner conflict, which has allowed my life to be enriched and my marriage to grow. My life has been immeasurably blessed by God through both my sons! I’ve learned that I am the right dad for my son and he’s the right son for me. By accepting this truth I’m able to enjoy the blessings of my life and love all who are in it.

Ray Morris
Dads 4 Special Kids