I had the honor of representing AZ Development Disability Planning Council at the National Disability Policy Seminar. There was over 500 individuals representing the disability community, from all across our nation. I had the pleasure of talking with dozens of individuals and meeting several members from other DDPC from New Jersey, Alabama, Washington and Illinois.

The highlight of the week was when Kelly and I meeting with four of our AZ representatives:

  • Congresswoman ​Kyrsten Sinema
  • Congressman Matt Salmon
  • Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick
  • Congressman Paul Gosar

Kelly & I were impressed with their openness to understanding the issues faced by individuals that live with a disability, how proposed legislation will impact their lives and support system. such as Affordable Care Act, Medicaid & Medicare, Social Security & SSI, Funding for The Elementary & Secondary Education Act, The Achieving A Better Life Experience Act (ABLE), Reauthorization of the Combating Autism Act, the convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) a international treaty that promotes a more accessible world for people with disabilities outside the Untied States.

To build on the work we and 500 other individuals please contact your elected federal officials and tell them you support these bills. They’re all important to maintaining the quality of life for individuals and their families that live with a disability.